Nagoan Assamese Jewellery

Assamese Traditional Axomia Gohana is completely hand made ,and only specialized hands can do it.Here jewellery is mostly influenced by nature( e.g. birds,grains,animals) and others by musical instruments (drums etc)and few more by things daily used in an assamese household(japi...a handmade headgear).Here the main frame is silver made and finally it is covered with very thin gold foils or LEAF-GOLD(paat-sun).This particular kind of jewellery are very affordable and easy to maintain and they go very well with the local attire mekhela-sador.

There are three methods involved 1.with pure the main frame is made with 24 and lac is used as a filling material. gold foils are used over a silver frame .This method is very popular because of its affordable price. 3. the jewellery is silver made and is gold plated.In all three methods stones and meenawork is used.This one using method 2(kese gold).


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AssameseTtraditional Axomia Gohana is completely hand made, and only specialized hands can do it...
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